Junior & Youth Divisions

Super Smash Academy - Northern Districts

A fun and exciting introduction to cricket which encourages boys and girls to ‘GIVE IT A GO’.

Through these inclusive games and making friends, children develop skills such as throw, catch and strike. 

There are two 6 week options available, both of which are run at Blake Park.

1.   Thursdays (Y 1-4 Mixed) -  4.00-5.00pm - T4 2nd November though to 7th December 2023, T1 15th February to 21st March 2024.

2.   Wednesdays (Y 5-8 Girls) - 4.00-5.00pm - T4 1st November through to 6th December 2023, T1 14th February to 20th March 2024. 

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All the below divisions are played on a Saturday, unless stated otherwise:

Primary Division 10 & 11 (Years 1-4)

These softball grades are for our youngest cricketers, wtih everybody getting an equal opportunity to bat, bowl, field and wicket keep.

Division 11 -  for players who are Year 1 and 2 at school, six players per team and 12 overs per innings.

Division 10 -  for players who are Year 3 and 4 at school, eight players per team and 16 overs per innings.

Primary / Intermediate Division 9 (Years 5-8)

This grade is for players who are new to cricket or may not be ready for hardball format just yet.

Eight players per team, 16 overs per innings, with everybody getting an equal opportunity to bat, bowl, field and wicket keep.

Games are Friday afternoon/evening with a 4.00pm start, played on grass outfields.

Primary Division 8 (Years 5-6)

This grade is for players who are ready for the hardball format. - with eight players per team, 20 overs per innings.

Intermediate Division 7 (Years 7-8)

This Division is for boys who are currently in Y 7-8 and girls who are in Y 7-13 at school - with nine players per team, 30 overs per innings, and is made up of three grades - A, B and C.

Every batter faces at least six balls, and are also encouraged to bowl as well as bat, though players may have started to specialise in one or more roles by this stage.

College Division 5 & 6 (Years 9-13)

These hardball grades are for our youth players within the club.

Division 5 - a competitive, development grade with eleven players per team, 40 overs per innings.

Division 6 (Friday night) - a social, non-competitive grade with nine players per team, 20 overs per innings (T20).

Players may only regularly play in either of these divisions, they are not able to play in both.

For a full list of grades, playing conditions and also the new Dispensation process and criteria for any players wishing to play up a grade above their age group - visit the WBOPCA website for further information Click Here