Celebrating Excellence: Mount Maunganui Cricket Club Awards Recap

16 Apr

The Mount Maunganui Cricket Club recently held its annual awards dinner, a celebration of talent, dedication, and teamwork that highlighted the club's successful season. Let's take a closer look at the deserving winners across various categories.

The evening kicked off with team awards, where each team captain took the stage to provide a brief season review before presenting awards to outstanding players.

4th XI Awards

Captain Matt Tustin led the recognition for the 4th XI team:

Batsman of the Year: Cruise Green (432 runs)
Bowler of the Year: Oscar Tutt (30 wickets)
All-Rounder of the Year: Kale Wellington (293 runs, 21 wickets)
Fielder of the Year: Fraser Tustin 

3rd XI Awards

Brad Fox, captain of the 3rd XI, honored exceptional players:

Batsman of the Year: Jason Luke (601 runs)
Bowler of the Year: Jeremy Wanbrough (23 wickets)
All-Rounder of the Year: Steve Robinson (286 runs, 14 wickets)
Fielder of the Year: Marnus Botha

2nd XI Awards

Nathan Walker, captain of the 2nd XI, recognized outstanding performances:

Batsman of the Year: Nathan Walker (404 runs)
Bowler of the Year: Nick Smith (33 wickets)
All-Rounder of the Year: Nathan Walker (404 runs, 25 wickets)
Fielder of the Year: Logan Carr

Premiers Awards

Niven Dovey distributed awards on behalf of Ben Pomare for the Premier team:

Batsman of the Year: Pete Drysdale (554 runs)
Bowler of the Year: Henry Conway (30 wickets)
All-Rounder of the Year: Pete Drysdale (554 runs, 21 wickets)
Fielder of the Year: Pete Drysdale

The Annual MMCC team of the year was named. The Team of the year is a 12 man team, picked by a panel, and is made up of the 12 cricketers who had the best season at the club in their particular roles. 

Mount Maunganui Cricket Club Team of the year as follows; 

1. Cruise Green
2. Matt Golding
3. Jason Luke
4. Pete Drysdale
5. Nick Smith
6. Nathan Walker
7. Logan Carr
8. Oscar Tutt
9. Karl Friend
10. Chris Atkinson
11. Henry Conway
12. Jeremy Wansbrough

The competition trophy presentations followed, with Kyle Dovey (MMCC Club Captain) presenting trophies to winning Captains in various Grades. Notable among these were Matt Tustin receiving the Division Three Cup and Nathan Walker leading the 2nd XI to victory in the Division One T20 Cup, and Niven Dovey accpeting the Premier T20 and Bay of Plenty cups for the Premiers. 

Representative Acknowledgement. List as follows;

Craig Baldry

Harry Burns

Niven Dovey

Pete Drysdale

Matt Golding

Cruise Green

Connor Martin

Ben Parlane

Josh Parsons

Ben Poamre

Nick Smith

Gus Tustin

Fraser Tustin

Oscar Tutt

Kale Wellington

Tony Wellington

Club-wide awards

David Andersen Bowling Trophy: Nick Smith (41 wickets)
James Pamment Batting Trophy: Jason Luke (607 runs)

Terry Twigg College Performance of the Year: Harry Burns for his exceptional 6-16 bowling performance against Greerton cc.

Bond & Co Performance of the Year: Pete Drysdale for his match-winning 114* in the Bay Cup Final.

Patrons Award (Most Improved): Harry Burns, recognized for his dedication and outstanding growth throughout the season.

Phil Snow Mountie of the Year: Andrew Hoogstraten, honored for his significant contributions and unwavering passion for the club.

Miller Trophy (Peter Miller Clubman of the Year): Nathan Walker, celebrated for his on-field leadership, contributions to club success, and off-field dedication to club activities and fundrasiing 

The awards dinner not only highlighted individual excellence but also underscored the Mount Maunganui Cricket Club's strong sense of community, teamwork, and commitment to nurturing talent at all levels. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements during the season, and here's to another successful year ahead on and off the cricket field!